Formulations for Face

We aren’t here for first impressions. But what we can tell you is that the skin on your face bears testimony to perhaps some of your more visible battles in life. It is also the most reactive to internal and external stressors, and that’s why consistency and commitment are key to your skincare regime. It doesn’t have to be a 10-step routine, but the regular cleanse-tone-moisturise cycle will help you tremendously on your journey to healthy, happy skin. Our formulations for the face include cleansers, tonics, serum, crèmes, a lotion and lip butters.

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Formulations for Body

We cheer hard for self care, and harder, for everyday self care. Even if it means a few stolen minutes of quietude. Our formulations for the body made from therapeutic grade essential oils help your skin heal, as they gently permeate through your skin, nourishing it. Our formulations for the body include lotions, oils and cream. Take a moment today, to indulge yourself, and your skin.

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Formulations for Hair

Much like in life or with your skincare or haircare rituals, every transition you make is a journey. And natural hair care is an immensely satisfying one. Prolonged use of chemical-based products and treatments weaken hair. And like it or not, traditional ways of hair care that our grandmom tirelessly doled out to us, is by far the best. Our formulations for the hair adapt these basics to help you achieve natural, healthy hair and scalp.

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Formulations for Kids

Given that your child’s skin is fragile and tender, we want you to be able to pick skin care solutions without having to worry about any possibility of toxins. Our formulations for kids, like all our other formulations are free of additives and chemicals. They are made from oils that are gentle, nourishing and healing.

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Psoriasis and Eczema Solutions

Oleum Cottage Psoriasis & Eczema solutions are formulated with healing oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and nourishing butters that have been traditionally used to reduce inflammation in the skin and scalp, reduce itchiness by hydrating and improving blood flow. 

Formulated by certified chemists and aromatherapists, all products are 100% plant-derived.

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