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"I freakin' love this brand"

I used to have small bumps all over my arms and I followed many suggestions people gave me! I just felt whenever I did try exfoliating, it aggravated my skin further. Basically I tried a bunch of things but nothing worked. The Oleum Cottage Skin Softening After Shower Body Oil (with my favourite hemp seed oil) has made all of the tiny bumps on my upper arms disappear! It also smells divine and leaves my skin very soft and supple. I also love their Moisture Replenishing Skin Tonic and the Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir with Lavender Oil and Tamanu Oil for my under eyes. Also just blindly buy their Ultra Healing Foot Cream! The key is to talk to the OC team and they will help you out with your skin type.

Nauheed Cyrusi

"My headaches before sleeping have reduced, and my skin is glowing too!"

I can already see a big difference in my under eye area. I read before going to bed and almost always end up with a headache, and the Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir just helped me relax, sleep and reduce my headache whenever it comes on. The Mesmerising African Black Cleansing Potion has cleared up my skin a lot, it’s glowing more than it used to. I absolutely love it. The Rose Allure Lip Butter is amazing too, I am obsessed with a good lip balm and it’s needless to say that I’ll come back for more once this pot is over.  

Shreya Nigam

"Let the children play!"

If there is one thing the pandemic has made us, it is super paranoid (especially with our kids). Constantly on the hunt for sanitisers, more and more ways to make nature sterile. Instead what about if we tried to actually raise our immunity, increase our vibrancy, increase our health? I’ve used Oleum Cottage’s Immunity Boosting Body Lotion - perfect for changes in weather with eucalyptus & camphor, their Nourishing & Relaxing Massage Oil - with my fave calming lavender & chamomile (which I also take to the beach for my massages) and their Natural Insect Repellent Lotion - with citronella & neem (which is free from D.E.E.T) and so much better than all those patches and sprays.

Chef Chinu

"I have become more confident in my own skin"

I love Oleum Cottage for my skin and hair as it’s all natural. I have seen a marked difference in my skin after using the skincare routine of the OC Mini Ritual for Dry Mature Skin. Above all the Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir has helped tremendously in reducing dark circles and tired eyes. I have become more confident in my own skin. The Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil is fabulous too so are the products for kids - the Immunity Boosting Lotion for kids is a favourite!

Kanchan Jethi

"Blended so well with my combination skin with dry patches"

Oleum Cottage came to my rescue when I had almost given up on face cremes available in the market. Having a combination skin was a problem and I also had dry patches near my lips. I used the Balancing and Firming Creme from OC and it blended so well with my skin that all dryness from my face was gone and the effect was there throughout the day.

Smita Garg

"I attest my subtle glow to their face products"

Aspiring towards a chemical free lifestyle, brands like Oleum Cottage feel heaven-sent! It's quality products that respect our planet and my skin. I've been using the Ultra Healing Foot Cream that keeps my jungle-friendly bare feet soft despite what I put them through! Also the Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir and the Ultra Nourishing Face Creme for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the results. I genuinely attest my subtle glow to their face products.

Dhara V

They smell so good you want to eat it!

I have been using the Ultra Healing Foot Cream and the Lip Butter for about a month now. This foot cream is amazing! It seems very thick but once you rub it on your feet, it becomes a very soft and creamy lotion. It moisturises really well without being too greasy. The lip butter is a must try! It moisturises well and the smell is so delightful that it makes you want to eat it.

Tina Wong
(Hong Kong)

The serum helped me shift to natural hair!

I have, in the last 6 months, shifted completely to natural products for my hair and Oleum Cottage’s Conditioning Hair Serum is perfect to keep my hair conditioned. I just love the way my hair feels and shines after using it. Love the smell too. My hair care is complete with this serum now.

Archana V

Tried every beauty brand but nothing gave results like OC!

No make up! All thanks to OC! I have been using the 5 step OC Ritual for Uneven Skin for over a year now (with Moisture Replenishing Skin Tonic and Clarifying and Regenerating Creme) and I have never felt this good. Trust me when I say that in the past I have tried almost all beauty brands available on this planet and nothing gave me the results that OC did.

Kalyani Srivastava

"I don't need makeup anymore!"

This is my skin and hair thoroughly taken care of by OC formulations having followed it religiously for the last 2 months and it has turned my dull skin into soft, supple and lustrous skin. I don’t have to apply any chemical based makeup anymore, even to go to parties. Eternally thankful for your formulations!

Joon Ganguly

"I am 55, my skin is not dry anymore, and as you can see my hair is quite nice :)"

I had dry skin and despite using many products nothing seemed to work. My sister in law gifted me the Mesmerising African Black Cleansing Potion and Age Defying Creme. These products have really changed my skin and after using them I realised how clean my face can be without being dry, they smell wonderful too. Highly recommend their products to everyone as they are natural and totally amazing.

Soma Yagnik

"Magic solution for my dry feet and hands"

I have been a happy and satisfied customer of Oleum Cottage products for a few years now, but my favourite product has to be their Ultra Healing Foot Cream. I have really really dry feet and didn’t have the time to keep applying lotions multiple times until I found this magic solution. All I have to do is apply it once a day and I’m sorted for the next 24 hours. It’s the one thing I’ll always carry with me, even works for the dry patches on my hands. 

Nidhi Gupta

"My sensitive skin with acne scars is healing"

I started using OC products some time last year. I am currently using the 3 step ritual with the Mesmerising African Black Cleansing Potion, Moisture Replenishing Skin Tonic and the Clarifying and Regenerating Creme. I have very scarred skin due to acute acne right into my 30s. My skin is ultra sensitive and gets inflamed easily. However the OC products have made a visible difference to my skin. It’s smoother and brighter, and feels nourished without being sticky.

Smita Vyas

"My dark circles are completely gone"

Long working hours means sleeping less than six hours on most days of the week, which led to dark circles under my eyes. Tried a lot of fancy and high end creams, remedies and lotions but nothing really worked until now. Just a small drop of the Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir for both eyes is enough. My dark circles began to fade away after about 4-6 weeks of continuous application. Now they are completely gone. Highly recommend it!

Ravee Batra

"Can feel the natural ingredients in OC products"

We just loved the OC Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil, it is so amazing that you can actually feel the difference in hair after 1 use only, less frizzy, more smooth and it helped in hair loss too. You can feel the natural ingredients in OC products... We love it!

Shreya Bothra
(Hong Kong

This lotion made me shave again, now without rashes.

I used to get rashes whenever I shaved. Tried all kinds of lotions but nothing helped. Reached a point where I stopped shaving. But then my wife got me the Soothing and Rash Free After Shave Lotion and it worked wonders. Not only did it take care of the rashes but also moisturised my skin. Plus it smelled great.

Shailendra Shyamsukha

"I love clean beauty"

I’ve taken steps towards clean beauty and finding Oleum Cottage was a gold mine. The Oil Balancing Skin Tonic is a favourite for sure. Hope we get bigger bottles in the future. 

Kavya Trehan

This creme is like liquid gold!

This is a makeup free look. Not a trace of makeup! I am regularly using Oleum Cottage’s Clarifying and Regenerating Creme and this creme is like liquid gold... It literally melts on the skin and works its magic.... Over a period of 2 weeks, I have seen my skin transform from tanned and rough to becoming soft and supple with a healthy glow... it works wonders for the radiance and glow of my skin. And I feel relaxed knowing there are no chemicals in it hence can slather it happily. Love the product.

Jhanavee Sheth

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