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There’s beauty in balance.

In perfect imperfections. In embracing the natural cycle of growth. In celebrating the marks that time, and love, leave behind. There's beauty in honesty. In goodness. Goodness, that you sometimes find in unexpected places. Like in our skin care rituals - that heal your skin. Gently, over time.


I love Oleum Cottage for my skin and hair as it’s all natural. I have seen a marked difference in my skin after using the skin care routine of the Mesmerising African Black Cleansing Potion, Moisture Replenishing Skin Tonic and Age Defying Creme. Above all, the Intensive Under Eye Elixir has helped tremendously in reducing dark circles and tired eyes. I have become more confident in my own skin. The Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil is fabulous too so are the products for kids - the Immunity Boosting Lotion for kids is a favourite!

Kanchan Jethi, 41, Mumbai

I have been using the Ultra Healing Foot Cream and the Lip Butter for about a month now. This foot cream is amazing! It seems very thick but once you rub it on your feet, it becomes a very soft and creamy lotion. It moisturises really well without being too greasy. The lip butter is a must try! It moisturises well and the smell is so delightful that it makes you want to eat it!

Tina Wong, 30, Hong Kong

Aspiring towards a chemical free lifestyle, brands like Oleum Cottage feel heaven-sent! It's quality products that respect our planet and my skin. I've been using Oleum Cottage’s Ultra Healing Foot Cream that keeps my jungle-friendly bare feet soft despite what I put them through!, the Intensive Under Eye Elixir and the Ultra Nourishing Face creme for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the results. I genuinely attest my subtle glow to their face products.

Dhara Vachharajani, 37, Mumbai

I workout outdoors in the morning and need to wake up early before the traffic and the heat pick up. Long working hours means sleeping less than six hours on most days of the week, which led to dark circles under my eyes. Tried a lot of fancy and high end creams, remedies and lotions but nothing really worked until now. Just a small drop for both eyes is enough. My dark circles began to fade away after about 4-6 weeks of continuous application. Now they are completely gone. Highly recommend it!

Ravee Batra, 40 years, Pune

I have, in the last 6 months, switched completely to natural products for my hair. I use the age-old shikakai powder for my hair. However, I had to find a way to keep the hair conditioned and Oleum Cottage’s Conditioning Hair Serum came to my rescue. I just love the way the hair feels and shines after using it. Love the smell too. My hair care is complete with that serum now.

Archana Vasudevan, 39, Chennai

Oleum Cottage came to my rescue when I had almost given up on face creams available in the market. Having a combination skin was a problem and I also had dry patches near my lips. I used the Tightening and Balancing Creme from OC and it blended so well with my skin that all dryness from my face was gone and the effect was there throughout the day!

Smita Garg, 40, Delhi

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