In the beginning...

It feels like yesterday when our paths crossed. We would spend hours connecting the dots in our very similar stories. It was quite reassuring honestly, and even refreshing, especially in this pace-crazy world, to meet someone who didn’t believe in rushing through life and its moments. That apart, we were both pursuing alternate therapies not as a business idea but more as an approach to life.

You would find us exchanging notes on holistic living, spirituality and also our individual pursuit of our craft. Over many meetings and discussions on experiments with different oils, and deliberating on whys and why nots, we were getting more and more determined to share this beautiful world of apothecary with a larger group of people. That was in 2017. That is when we first sowed the seeds of Oleum Cottage.

Over the past few years, OC has grown from five formulations to a robust bouquet of 29 formulations including face cleansers, tonics and creams; treatment oils and lotions; hair oils and serums, men’s grooming, foot care and lip butters. Each formulation is freshly hand-blended using cold pressed vegetable oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and unrefined butters, from a carefully curated and meticulously researched list of over 80 rare ingredients from around the world; each one historically known for its therapeutic benefits.

From a small limited collection of fresh, artisanal, apothecary-style formulations to the now, extensive and holistic range of skincare, it has been a journey of constant unlearning and learning.

There are some things however that we have kept the same, and always will - the intent with which we started Oleum Cottage.


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