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Dry Skin

So where do you start? Start slow, and simple. Give Double cleansing a go, the combination of the Cleansing Gel and the restorative African Black is a balanced and effective cleansing routine. Follow it up with our Skin Tonic. Our Under eye Elixir is next, and it will help slow down the appearance of wrinkles. If your skin is severely dry and stretchy, we suggest you could try adding 1-2 drops to our Ultra Nourishing Crème, and apply it to your face. It will help hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time. You should ideally do the ritual once during the day, during or after shower and once at bed time. But if you are sitting on the fence about adopting the entire ritual, we recommend you start with the Ultra Nourishing Face crème. You’ll see in a few days why we say this. Be careful though, of how you cleanse your skin. Pick something real and natural.

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Sensitive Skin

This can be a tough one. And exasperating. The key is to be gentle, and give it time. Your skin needs extra healing. For your sensitive skin type, the Pollution Defense Cleansing Gel is a gentle cleansing formulation that hydrates as well. You should avoid harsh scrubs and surfactant face washes. The Moisture Replenishing Tonic and the Ultra Nourishing Crème are both good for soothing and healing redness and inflammation. If your skin is highly sensitive, we suggest introducing one formulation at a time. Start with the Ultra Nourishing Face Crème to allow the natural oils to sooth your inflamed skin. You might feel a tingling sensation depending on how sensitive your skin is, this is a natural reaction and subsides with time as your skin adjusts to natural oils.

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Oily or Combination Skin

Your skin will respond wonderfully to a gentle nourishing ritual. Like this one. The African Black Cleansing Potion gently cleanses your pores without stripping sebum, making your skin feel nourished and not stretchy after a wash. Your skin will love how the Oil Balancing Tonic shrinks open pores without drying your skin while the Tightening and Balancing Crème will give just the right amount of hydration your skin requires. We also have the Under Eye Elixir for those of you who are struggling with dark circles. With consistent use, you will find that not just the excess oiliness but other concerns like visible pores, uneven skin tone, and the occasional breakout will all subside. Ideally do the full ritual at bed time and only cleanser and tonic during the day, using very little of each as natural oils tend to feel heavy on oily skin when you’re just starting. For those of you who don’t want to commit to the whole ritual just yet, we recommend you start with just the African Black Cleansing Potion and the Tightening Balancing Crème.

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Acne Relief Solutions

It’s something we all wish to the back of. But given the lives we live, acne prone skin is more common than we think. In reality, it is nature’s way of telling us that something is changing (like our hormones) or needs to change (like our environment or diet). While we cannot, and won’t meddle with nature’s ways, it’s probably best to address it with a change in lifestyle, what we can do is offer a ritual that helps gradually reduce the breakouts. And when they do appear they aren’t as painful and nor do they leave visible marks, making your skin resilient.

Formulated by certified chemists and aromatherapists, all products are 100% plant-derived.

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Dry Mature Skin

Every skin type tends to feel dry with age. While dry skin may develop wrinkles earlier than 40, oily skin could also behave much the same after 50  or 60. For dry mature skin, our 5 step ritual with natural oils will help heal and repair the wear and tear, the lines and wrinkles, improve collagen production and reduce hyperpigmentation. If you would like to start small, we recommend you start with the Age Defying Crème. You’ll see in a few days why we say this. Be careful though, of how you cleanse your skin, pick something real and natural.

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Uneven Skin

Your skin needs a specific ritual that fades acne scars and blemishes, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces open pores and makes your skin feel hydrated, all while making sure of not clogging your still sensitive skin. And our 5-step ritual will help you on your journey. If your skin is going through a bout of breakouts or otherwise feels inflamed, we’d suggest you introduce one formulation at a time, starting with the African Black Cleansing Potion and the Clarifying and Regenerating Crème. You will notice your skin feels healthier, and with continuous use, you will find balanced, resilient, glowing skin.

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Normal Skin

Oh, so you indeed are one of the lucky few blessed with a normal skin. Delightful, isn’t it, knowing that your skin knows how much sebum is just right for you. But we’d put in a word of caution here as common ingredients in our every day skincare may throw our skin off balance in the long run. So it is always a good idea to switch over to natural, sustainable, oil based skincare. Our 5 step ritual will help maintain your skin, making it more resilient with passing time. And if you feel unsure of investing in the entire ritual, we suggest start with the gentle African Black Cleansing Potion and follow it up with the hydrating natural oils of Ultra Nourishing Crème.

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