Oily or Combination Skin

Your skin will respond wonderfully to a gentle nourishing ritual. Like this one. The African Black Cleansing Potion gently cleanses your pores without stripping sebum, making your skin feel nourished and not stretchy after a wash. Your skin will love how the Oil Balancing Tonic shrinks open pores without drying your skin while the Tightening and Balancing Crème will give just the right amount of hydration your skin requires. We also have the Under Eye Elixir for those of you who are struggling with dark circles. With consistent use, you will find that not just the excess oiliness but other concerns like visible pores, uneven skin tone, and the occasional breakout will all subside. Ideally do the full ritual at bed time and only cleanser and tonic during the day, using very little of each as natural oils tend to feel heavy on oily skin when you’re just starting. For those of you who don’t want to commit to the whole ritual just yet, we recommend you start with just the African Black Cleansing Potion and the Tightening Balancing Crème.


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