Medical Disclaimer

We truly believe in the time tested healing power of cold pressed vegetable oils and steam distilled essential oils. The therapeutic value that is imparted in each and every formulation of ours due to the therapeutic grade of essential oils have been used for centuries in skin care and for better health & lifestyle.


While the therapeutic benefits of our formulations will be experienced, we do not recommend the use of these formulations as an alternate for medical care. Oleum Cottage, does not bear the responsibility for any individual reaction to any particular formulation or ingredient. We are very honest and transparent about what goes into all our formulations, so you will find a complete list of ingredients on our website. We go a step ahead and also share the ingredients we do not add.

If you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient mentioned in the formulation, please avoid using it and a patch test is always recommended. Be wise and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our formulations!

The ingredient information we share is from our research and experience. However, they are not to be taken as medical advice. So please do not self-diagnose or treat any diseases.


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