Zoom Natural Hair Care Duo - Oleum Cottage
Zoom Natural Hair Care Duo - Oleum Cottage
Zoom Natural Hair Care Duo - Oleum Cottage

Natural Hair Care Duo


A Hair Care ritual that is specially formulated to grow new hair, stop existing hair fall and reduce hair thinning. This natural and powerful hair care duo will transform your scalp and hair health naturally.


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Recommended For

- Dry, Damaged, Dandruff prone Hair
- Thinning and premature greying hair
- Severe Hair fall
Natural Hair Care Duo - Oleum Cottage

Natural Hair Care Duo

Rs. 1,490.00 Regular price Rs. 2,500.00

Real Transformation Stories.

Experience The Power Of Oils. Restore Your Skin's Balance.

Rosemary, Rosmarinic acid and Caffeic acid, promote Hair Thickness and New Hair Growth
Jojoba, High dose of Vitamin E, adds softness and shine to the hair. Reduces Hair Breakage.
Castor, Prevents premature hair greying and strengthens scalp
Cedarwood, Improves circulation to the scalp, which in turn supports healthy hair growth
Alternative to Minoxidil.

Minoxidil may cause changes in hair texture, such as making it more coarse or curly. Oils on the other hand are time-tested remedies for treating severe hair fall and improving the condition of the scalp.

Why You Will Love Us?

How do I use it?

Step 1:

Pump out some Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil and massage the scalp with your fingertips

Step 2:

Leave it for a minimum of 2 hours (Overnight is better)

Step 3:

Use an Ayurvedic herb mix or a sulfate-free hair wash to rinse

Step 4:

Post wash use the Conditioning Hair Serum sparingly, about 3 - 4 drops on wet hair, covering the hair strands, all the way to the ends. (Do not use it on the scalp).

Premium Oils Infused Formulations With Therapeutic Benefits

Formulated by Expert Aromatherapists
Science-backed Formulations
80+ Curated Oils From Around the World


From field to finished product, we prioritize quality at every step.

  • Delivers Vitamins and Iron for strengthening the scalp

  • Stimulates hair follicles for new hair growth

  • Improves hair texture, adds softness and shine

  • Prevents frizz and hair breakage

  • Slows down premature greying

  • Improves blood circulation to the scalp helping to reduce hair fall

  • Prevents hair thinning and balding

  • Deeply conditions and softens dry and damaged hair

  • Know More

    Every once in a while, when we leaf through our now-dog-eared photo albums, we find ourselves running an imaginary hand through what once was a lush head of hair. The more we talk to people, the more we realise how all our stories, beyond the compass of love and loss, come untangled at hair. From the lush ‘20s to the receding ‘30s, it’s par for the course for many. It was for us too. Unfortunately, concentration of chemicals in modern hair care products is often too much to give your hair a chance to be healthy in the long run. Whenever you feel ready to dial back to a natural hair care ritual, pick this duo. We did too, suffice to say, we are no longer at war with our photo albums. Instead, we are more than happy to fill in new ones. So where do you start? Begin with applying our Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil to your roots and scalp only. You can aid the absorption by wrapping a thin towel post application. Once these oils have given your hair follicles the necessary nutrition overnight or for a few hours, you can rinse off with a sulfate free shampoo. A word of caution – do not judge your sulfate-free shampoo by how much it lathers; foaming agents aren’t natural. Once you have rinsed off the shampoo, towel dry your hair and apply few drops of our Conditioning Hair Serum to the wet strands. If you are turning to natural hair care after several years of chemical treatment, know that it is going to be a slow process. But if you commit, you will be surprised how your hair responds to it, in terms of growth, volume and shine. Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil With a therapeutic blend of cold pressed Coconut, Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Castor and Sweet Almond, all high in Vitamin E, this oil is fortified with multiple benefits – of Rosemary oil, which is known for hair regrowth and reducing dandruff, and Peppermint oil which stimulates the follicles of hair, promoting blood circulation and boosting hair growth. Conditioning Hair Serum This pure jojoba serum enriched with essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Cedar Wood, works on dry, frizzy and curly hair and is your first step in the switch over from silicone conditioners to natural hair.
  • Ingredients

    Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil: Cold Pressed Oils of Extra Virgin Coconut, Sweet Almond, Castor, Wheatgerm, Jojoba; Vitamin E*; Essential Oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Thyme. Conditioning Hair Serum: Cold pressed Oil of Jojoba; Vitamin E*; Essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood. *Certified Organic. All ingredients are either FSSAI certified, COSMOS approved, or USDA BioPreferred.
  • Stuff that we keep out

    Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Light Paraffin, Dimethicone, Triglycerides, Synthetic Colour, Synthetic Fragrance / Parfum, Harsh Preservatives like Parabens, Diazolidinyl Urea, DM DM Hydantoin, Phenoxyethanol.
  • Manufacturer Info

    Sapnish Enterprise, Plot no 110/6, Kerala GIDC, Bavla, Ahd 382220. MRP INR 2500.
  • Origin Country

    Made in India.

  • How does this duo work on Alopecia and Hair fall?

    This Duo is fortified with some very potent essential oils that stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to boost new hair growth. It also helps control and almost entirely stop hair fall with regular use.
  • How long till I see a difference?

    It’s important to understand that every scalp and hair is different. However, with regular use (thrice a week) you should be able to see the difference within 8 weeks.
  • Do these formulations contain Minoxidil or other chemicals?

    Our formulations are made with 100% plant oils that help your scalp naturally. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or steroids that could damage your overall immune system in the long run.
  • What age group can use this duo? Can I use the hair oil on my kids too?

    This duo is great to improve scalp health and boost hair growth in kids above the age of 7 years.
  • How long will one Hair Care Duo last?

    It depends on individual usage but Hair Spa Oil bottle should last up to 2 months if applied twice or thrice a week and Hair Serum should also last for 2 months (2-3 drops per use).


Customer Reviews

Based on 401 reviews
Hairfall seems tobe reduced

My hair has never felt this smooth and shiny. The Hair Spa Oil is a luxurious treat, and the serum adds that perfect finishing touch.

Love my hair

This duo is pure magic. The Hair Spa Oil has transformed my dry ends, and tames frizz like no other.

Treated damaged hair

I'm in awe of the results. The Hair Serum is a daily essential, and brings back the health my hair was missing.

No more fizzy hair

The Hair Care Duo has simplified my routine and elevated my hair game. The Serum is like magic in a bottle.

Clean scalp

I've finally found products that actually work for my hair. The Serum keeps it sleek, and the Hair Spa Oil is my weekly pampering.


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