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Immunity Boosting Lotion for Kids (130ml)


This formulation is really close to our hearts – it was the first that we ever blended. Made from a blend of Neroli, Camphor, Clove, Eucalyptus oils, Immunity Boosting Lotion till date remains our most popular formulation. Eucalyptus works as an expectorant, promoting secretion of sputum, cleansing your child’s body of the microorganisms that cause cough, making it easier to breathe, thereby is a natural sore throat remedy. That fortified with the anti-inflammatory properties of Clove and immune function enhancing properties of Basil, makes it a robust formulation that helps reduce episodes of cold and cough in kids. While it works wonders in keeping allergic colds and coughs under control using natural ingredients, it also works as a great body lotion, due to the nourishing combination of cold pressed oils and raw butters.


Recommended For: Kids (1.5 years and above) and adults prone to colds and coughs.


For kids upto 5 years of age, gently massage as a full body lotion. For older kids and adults, massage regularly on nose, forehead, throat and chest, and when suffering from cold & cough. Rub some under your ear lobes, on your neck and palms and inhale deeply, as essential oils work in two ways, through topical absorption as well as inhalation. And cover with a warm cloth or blanket post application.




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