Ingredients Glossary

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential oils don’t necessarily mean 100% pure. When checking for ingredients, always look for ones that say, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. This means that the essential oils have been obtained from their natural source, are 100% pure, and are not contaminated from polluted soil or pesticides. They also do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients. And yes, every single formulation at Oleum Cottage uses Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.


Cold Pressed Oils

What is unique about Cold Pressed Oils is that the process uses only pressure and no heat to extract oils from the seeds. This ensures all nutrients are retained without any alterations in their natural form and are free of chemicals. At Oleum Cottage we use a combination of Cold Pressed oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to create our formulations.


Alcohol Denat

We believe alcohol causes excessive dryness to such an extent that your skin is bound to retaliate by producing more oil/sebum putting you into a cycle of using alcohol again and again. It is not gentle to your skin at all! So you will see no alcohol on our labels.


Mineral Oil/Petrolatum/Light Paraffin

We have always maintained indigenous populations across the world always knew the best nutrition for the skin resides in plant oils. Mineral oil is not only contaminated with toxins, it is also comedogenic thereby clogging your pores leading to blackheads, whiteheads, acne and pimples. The biggest reason we avoid mineral oil is because it is does nothing to your skin in a way that it gives no nutrients to your skin.


Propylene Glycol and Butylene Glycol

Did you know that the chemicals added to make skincare products more moisturising and stable are a big cause of concern for your skin? That Propylene Glycol and Butylene Glycol are both petroleum derivatives that are used in paints, floor wax and your skincare products? That they cause extreme dryness to your skin over time? That they tend to sit on the surface of your skin after you rinse it, dissolving the fats and oils your skin needs to stay nourished? Well, now you know.



Silicones, are not only harmful for the environment but also create a barrier on top of your skin. That barrier traps dirt, bacteria, sweat, sebum and dead skin cells causing congestion on your skin. Yes, it’s that bad.



Unlike Therapeutic Essential Oils, Triglycerides are derivates of oils and are made by removing all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients from oils. So we wonder why do people even use it?

Montanov™ L

It is a green synthesis emulsifier with ECOCert approval. Its constituents have the INCI names of C14-22 Alcohols (and) C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside. It is 100% of vegetable origin, GMO-free and non-ionic. Green synthesis means that it is made without solvents, is ethylene oxide-free, preservative-free and biodegradable.


Olivem® 1000

It is a COSMOS-validated PEG-free non-ionic emulsifier developed from natural olive chemistry. It is a combination of fatty acids, chemically similar to the lipidic composition of the skin surface. Olivem® 1000 is safe and clinically tested to be hypoallergenic. Its constituents have the INCI names of Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate. This green emulsifier is used in formulating according to the ecological and organic standards of EcoCert, COSMOS and Natural ingredient (according to ISO 16128-1:2016).


Spectrastat™ G2 Natural

It is a 100% natural ECOCERT certified preservative, whose constituents have the INCI names of glyceryl caprylate (a natural skin conditioning agent that also has antimicrobial properties), caprylhydroxamic acid (an organic amino acid derived from coconut) and glycerin. It is a high-performing biostatic system of multifunctional ingredients that allows us to use hurdle technology to create self-preserving formulations. It is a broad spectrum preservative at neutral pH and is acceptable for use in organic personal care products under NSF/ANSI 305-2012.


Capmul® S12L (INCI name: Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate)

It is  a partially neutralized condensation product of lauric acid and lactic acid. It is an environment-friendly replacement for common chemical ingredients like alkanomides. Capmul S12L is verified as safe by EWG database. We use it to solubilise essential oils in our tonics.




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