Why we don’t like chemical peels

There is a lot we want to say on chemical peels, as we are often asked what it does. Chemical peels, depending on their severity, allows you to take off layers from your skin, thereby removing symptoms like acne, fine lines and uneven skin tone.


We are people who always maintain that there are many ways to solve one problem. Differing in our ways is alright. But when you think you have a problem, and if that problem is fine lines, understanding the different ways in which you can delay or remove fine lines would be a good place to start.


Removing layers from your skin is what your skin does anyway, albeit very slowly. Cold pressed oils due to their natural fats are known to boost production of the proteins that help your skin in this process of shedding dead cells. Our bodies have a self healing mechanism, closely linked with our state of mind. And our skin forms an integral part of this healing mechanism. Taking things from nature that have been used since ancient times by human beings to improve comfort, health and beauty, is a good way assist your body’s self healing mechanism. Therefore we believe in using cold pressed oils in our anti-ageing, pigmentation control and acne control formulations.

Nature has a fine balance of actives and healers. When you strip the healing constituents you may find an active, that presumably makes the natural process 1000 times quicker. This is what the chemicals or acids that are used in chemical peel procedures are able to achieve. But you need to ask yourself, how your body is going to take it. What are the side effects? Are there long term benefits to your skin and overall health?

We would only leave you with these questions, as we said at the start, there is always more than one solution. But let us ask the right questions, and then pick a solution for ourselves.


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