Simplifying Natural Skincare


The beauty and the cosmetic industry are today buzzing with terms like best organic skin care products, natural skin cleanser & chemical-free formulations. This is not surprising because, unlike in the yesteryears, consumers are more cautious of what they put on their skin today.

While there has been a lot of curiosity surrounding clean skincare methods but switching to an organic skin care or natural skin care routine can be a daunting task. It needs a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process of skincare formulations along with knowledge about the ingredients.

And if you are someone who would like to explore skin and planet-friendly ways to take care of your skin then you are at the right place. In this article, we have simplified the terms, 'organic skincare' and 'natural skincare', and cleared the confusion surrounding them.

What is natural skin care?
Owing to the lack of standardised regulations around the world surrounding natural skin care, the term often holds a different meaning for different people. To put it simply, natural skin care uses ingredients that are derived from nature. It does not necessarily mean that these ingredients are produced organically.

How is organic skin care different from natural skin care?


Organic skincare and natural skincare are often used interchangeably but the truth is that there is a big difference between the two. Just like natural skincare, organic skincare also uses ingredients derived from nature but they are cultivated without using agricultural pesticides, chemicals, or herbicides.

When you buy an organic beauty product, you can be sure that your skin care product does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

What are the harmful ingredients that are not present in organic and natural skin care formulations?
Organic and natural skin care formulations guarantee to be as pure as they can be and conscious brands like Oleum Cottage, do not contain harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors or fragrances and nanoparticles. We would however caution the user to check labels of natural skin care brands as there are many that indulge in 'greenwashing' (using harmful chemicals while calling themselves 'green').

Natural and organic brands that are also sustainable, use recycled, reused, or sustainable packaging for their skin care products. And those that are cruelty-free, come with the guarantee that the skin care products were formulated without testing on animals.

How can you know that a skin care product or formulation is organic or natural?


It does take a lot of effort on the part of the consumers to be doubly sure that the product that they purchased is organic or natural. This is because not all skin care products that claim to be natural are 100% natural in reality. Some marketers tend to use marketing gimmicks to describe their respective products as natural because there is a lack of laws that are governing this segment.

So how can one know? To start with, we would recommend you to look beyond the marketing jargon and check the labels of the skin care products or formulations that you intend to purchase. Label or the list of ingredients helps one understand whether the product’s claim to be natural or organic is authentic. Once you have scouted the entire list and are confident of no chemicals & synthetic materials are present then you can confidently make the purchase.

For organic skin care products, there are some international standards in place that brands need to abide by.  Here is what you need to look out for in the labels:
-100% organic
-Certified organic
-Made with organic ingredients

What are the common myths surrounding natural and organic skin care that one should not pay attention to?
When it comes to natural and organic skin care, you should be cautious about the multiple myths surrounding it. We have debunked a few for you below:

-Organic and natural skin care are ineffective
It is a common misconception that natural and organic skin care are not as effective as their standard counterparts. The truth is that they are more potent than other beauty products and can efficiently work towards giving you healthy skin when used consistently.

-Organic and natural skin care are complex
A natural skin care routine is not as complicated as it is often believed to be. With the right products and formulations, you hardly need 10-15 minutes for your natural skin care routine.

-Organic and natural skin care are just part of a fleeting trend
As more and more brands are emerging with their natural skincare range, many are of the opinion that organic and natural skin care are not here to stay for long. But the truth is both natural and organic skin care have been part of beauty rituals for centuries and they are 100% effective in solving skin concerns.

What are the benefits of switching to organic or natural skincare?


Imagine it to be like giving organic food to your skin. When the skin care formulations are rich with organic and natural ingredients, it is full of nutrients that do not irritate the skin & nourish it. Truly natural ingredients carry the life force of plants and the balance of Nature that no lab-produced ingredient can match.

Are Oleum Cottage formulations organic or natural?


At Oleum Cottage, we believe that there is no such thing as bad skin but only wrong products. In our opinion, the right skin care products are the ones that have 100% natural ingredients. After years of research, we created an entire range of oil-based formulations with natural and organic cold-pressed oils and essential oils that can address your skin care concerns without any side effects.

How can you be sure of the ingredients used in Oleum Cottage formulations?
Being a consumer-first brand, we make every effort to be completely transparent. To know if we are standing by our claims, you can check our labels that clearly mention which of our ingredients are certified organic. Besides, all our cold pressed oils are FSSAI certified (food grade), every ingredient is COSMOS approved, and our preservatives are USDA Biopreferred.

How can one take their first step towards natural skincare?


The relationship that you share with your skin is one of the long-standing and important relationships of your life. We do understand that it might be difficult to trust natural skin care initially which is why at Oleum Cottage, we have come up with small trial kits of our crowd favorite OC Mini Rituals designed specifically for sensitive skin, mature skin, oily or combination skin, acne-prone skin, dry skin, and uneven skin. These kits contain small portions of the formulations in these mini rituals and let you witness the magic of our natural formulations for about 3 weeks.

It is only after you are convinced that the Oleum Cottage formulations are working for your skin, that you can go ahead with our full size Mini Ritual Kits. And what’s more? We know that the process of adapting natural skin care formulations is filled with queries. To help you know more about your skin, its concerns, ingredients used in our formulations, the right way to use our formulations, and much more, we have set up a dedicated helpline number <9004875266> to connect with us from Monday to Saturday (11:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

Hope the article helped you to gain a little more understanding about natural skincare. And if you still have doubts about our formulations or queries on how can one make the switch to natural skincare then share them with us in the comments section below.


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