OC Ritual for Dry Skin

The reason you have dry skin is either a genetic disposition, incorrect products causing imbalance or a natural function of age. In every case it needs healing. Your skin also tends to show certain signs of ageing like wrinkles, a little sooner than you would want it to. But a simple oil-based ritual could turn around all your concerns.

So where do you start? Start slow, and simple. Give Double cleansing a go, the combination of the Cleansing Gel and the restorative African Black is a balanced and effective cleansing routine. Follow it up with our Moisture Replenishing Skin Tonic for instant hydration. Our Under Eye Elixir is next, and it will help slow down the appearance of wrinkles. If your skin is severely dry and stretchy, we suggest you could try adding 1-2 drops of the Elixir to our Ultra Nourishing Crème, and apply it to your face. It will help hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time.

Recommended for: Dry or dehydrated skin for 13+ years

How to Use: You should ideally do the ritual once during the day after shower, and once at bed time. If you are in a rush, we suggest you do the full ritual at bed time, and a shorter ritual in the day.


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