How to Heal Cracked Heels Naturally?


When we talk about skincare, we hardly think about our feet. And when we do, it is mostly when we have cracked heels. This neglect of foot care is not ideal as the state of our feet gives us important signals about our wellbeing. And conversely, giving them the right care can positively contribute to our overall wellbeing.

If you are someone who has been struggling with cracked heels or are unaware of efficient methods of taking care of your feet then you are at the right place. We have curated this article with a list of frequently asked questions about cracked heels & foot care. Let us begin.

What causes cracked heels?


Cracked heels can be quite troublesome and are often caused due to factors like
-dry climatic conditions
-long & hot showers
-harsh body cleansers that rob your skin of its natural oils
-walking barefoot or with open back footwear for long hours
-standing for long hours

How can you heal cracked heels?


A simple & consistent footcare regime including natural plant oils can go a long way in both healing cracked heels and preventing future episodes as well.

Are there any other benefits of footcare?


Our feet carry our weight all day long and lack of proper care tends to make them stressed making them prone to multiple concerns. A foot care regime can also help
-calm the nerves after a tiring day
-nourish the feet
-ward off dryness & make the skin on feet soft and supple
-keep odor away

What should an effective footcare regime include?
You don’t need to buy tons of products and beauty gadgets or even go for pedicures to have healthy and nourished feet. All you need to do is to invest in a good foot cream that has a good blend of cold-pressed oils and therapeutic essential oils. At Oleum Cottage, we have crafted a special formulation, Ultra Healing Foot Cream, which can be easily adapted to your bedtime skincare routine.


The cream is fortified with the goodness of oils like Wheatgerm, Extra Virgin Coconut and Sweet Almond which repair dry & hard skin, and Castor Oil which naturally exfoliates the skin. The formulation also has essential oils like Peppermint & Thyme that help relieve painful heels and their antiseptic properties keep microbes at bay. Another interesting benefit of these essential oils is their ability to instantly calm you. The cream is packed with Beeswax as well. Unlike petroleum-based ingredients, Beeswax does not clog skin’s pores and lets it breathe through the protective barrier that it creates.

Another thing to note. Be mindful not to over-exfoliate your feet. While scrubbing off of dead skin cells with a loofah or pumice stone may seem very satisfactory, doing that once in a few weeks is sufficient if you have added healing oils to your footcare regime. More than that and you run the risk of sensitizing your skin.

A hack to note: Our Ultra Healing Foot Cream not only heals your heels but also treats severe dry patches present elsewhere in your body.

How can one use OC’s Ultra Healing Foot Cream?

Foot cream isn’t that tough to apply. Just think of it as a daily moisturizer for your feet just like you have one for your face. For starters, you need to wash or soak your feet and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. Once you have washed your feet, very gently massage the cream onto your feet and soles. And lastly, you need to cover your feet with a soft cloth or even a blanket for about 20 to 90 minutes to improve the penetration of essential oils. While this last bit really enhances the healing power in this oil blend, if you are too tired or rushed, and find yourself dosing off right after application, that’s perfectly alright.

Our Ultra Healing Foot Cream is best done as a night time ritual, right before going to bed, as it also adds to the pampering and self-care that you need for better and restful sleep. With regular use of our cream, we are sure that you will happily give your pedicures a miss.

In conclusion, we would like to reinforce that our feet deserve the same love that we so readily shower upon our faces and hair. 

If you have any questions that we missed addressing in this article then please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

May you always have Happy feet!


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