Ageing gracefully

At Oleum Cottage, we often get asked how our Age Defying Crème does its job. With supermarket shelves so full of anti-aging products, we understand why it raises a few eyebrows, every now and then. As with all our formulations, our Age Defying Crème is also all natural, and focuses on helping you achieve healthy skin over anything else.

This multi-tasking crème is high on anti-oxidants, natural Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Pro-vitamin A and Beta carotene, and works to gently lift your skin, support cell turnover, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This lush crème also gets a generous boost from Carrot Seed and the eternal wonder ingredient, Frankincense, which help in your battle against pigmentation and premature ageing. Cold pressed oils of Tamanu, Sweet Almond, Pomegranate seed and Seabuckthorn ensure that your skin receives its fair share of essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
To age gracefully, is something we all seek to be able to embrace. But ever so often confuse it with looking younger. But ageing gracefully isn’t about looking younger, is it? It’s more about being comfortable in our own skin (No pun here). How often have you stopped asking someone (mostly women) their age? How often have you been asked to (hazard) a guess? Why are we so so wary of disclosing our age? It is a behavioural nuance we have observed in so many cultures. So much that at our store, even when we are talking about something as intimate as skin, we hesitate to ask someone’s age.
And sometimes we say , “Umm, if you don’t mind, could you tell us your age, may be in a bracket of five years, if you’re comfortable with that?”
What is it with this number that gets us so worked up? Perhaps the fear of not having done enough in the preceding years, or perhaps it is a foreboding of ill health with old age. Or simply the fear of wrinkled skin perhaps?
There is a natural pace at which we shed our skin cells, roughly at intervals of a month. And this interval gradually increases as we age. This cell turnover that keeps us bright and glowing slows down as we age. So does the production of collagen in the deeper layers of our skin, which is like the protein that binds it all together, and makes our skin supple.
Healthy, happy skin takes much love and care, and even more so as we age. And in our effort to have better skin we tend to subject it to many products and treatments, that promise to make it younger. We are not here to ask you to stop, we have always maintained, to each his own. The only advice we will give you is, give it a chance. Go slow. In your hurry, don’t end up picking quick over good.
We say this all the time, and we will say it again, good things take time, and for something that lasts you a lifetime, your skin, give it some. The results will follow.
Shall we start, one day at a time?


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