ultra healing foot cream

Ultra Healing Foot Cream (40gm)

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We often used to shortchange our footcare ritual with the promise of a quick pedicure. But this was a temporary fix. And a cyclical one at that. So if you too are staring at this never-ending cycle, and wish to make a clean break, then our Ultra Healing Foot Cream is a great first step. This ingredient-rich cream is fortified with the goodness of oils like Wheatgerm, which repairs even the most dry and hard skin; Peppermint essential oil, which naturally exfoliates the skin to reveal fresh, soft skin and Beeswax, which forms a protective yet breathable barrier from environmental assaults, seals in moisture and helps hydrate dry, chapped heels. Unlike petroleum-based ingredients, beeswax doesn’t suffocate your skin, and won’t clog your pores. Our foot cream not only softens hard, cracked and painful heels, relieves stress and tingling sensations but also aids cell regeneration. We have a feeling that this might be a bed time routine you might fall in love with and willingly give your pedicures a miss. Like we did.


Recommended For: Dry or cracked feet that need softening, or severely dry patches elsewhere on skin

After washing your feet, massage the cream gently onto your feet and soles before going to bed. Cover with a soft cloth or blanket for 20 to 90 minutes to improve penetration of essential oils.  




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