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Soothing and Rash Free After Shave Lotion (50ml)

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While the expectation post shave is smooth, soft to touch skin, even the most soothing balms can often tingle. It’s not always smooth-sailing – the post shave bliss, isn’t it? Our unisex, Soothing and Rash Free After Shave Lotion delivers that burst of hydration and nourishment with a blend of cold pressed oils of Jojoba, Grapeseed, Hempseed, without causing discomfort. While the therapeutic essential oils heal inflamed skin of rashes and bruises, the mild carrier oils leave it gently hydrated and balanced throughout the day, without clogging your pores. Imagine doing all this good work without making its presence felt (with a sting here, and a burn there) – such a do-gooder, this lotion. Give this a go, we promise you won’t flinch.  


Recommended For: All skin types.

After shaving, take required amount of lotion and gently massage onto damp skin. Cover for a while with a soft cloth if there’s a cut or bruise, to increase absorption of healing essential oils.




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