Natural body massage oil

Nourishing and Relaxing Massage Oil (130ml)

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Let’s just say, it’s perfect for both the tiny, and the tender. With a mix of Coconut, Sweet Almond, Sesame and German Chamomile oils, our healing massage oil is ideal for your little ones, elderly or any one with dry sensitive skin. Full of anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, Sesame oil has traditionally been used as a daily massage oil for babies, which is known to help in developing their bones and to eliminate toxins from their skin. Our Nourishing and Relaxing Massage oil is light to touch and is fortified with Lavender essential oil, which assists in sleep and aids in relaxation. The rich oils give balanced nourishment of vitamins and fats to the skin – the antioxidants in Olive oil make it effective for scalp concerns like cradle cap and the anti-inflammatory German Chamomile essential oil provides relief from rashes. 


Recommended For: Kids (6 months and above), and adults. Can also be used on diaper rashes


Take required amount of oil and gently massage on to the skin. To improve the absorption of healing essential oils, wrap yourself with a warm cloth or towel for 20 to 90 minutes post application. 




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