Natural inspect repelling body lotion

Natural Insect Repelling Body Lotion (130ml)

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Worried about those pesky mosquitoes? Made from Citronella, Neem and Basil oils, it is an excellent insect repellent plus moisturiser for both kids and adults, keeping skin hydrated and safe from mosquito bites. Who would have thought that the strong and pungent fragrance, and bitter taste of Neem Tree oil would repel insects and bugs by reducing their ability to feed? Our Natural Insect Repelling Body Lotion also comes fortified with Citronella essential oil, which is particularly effective on a species of mosquito, called Aedes Aegypti which causes the dreaded yellow fever, and is also effective on lice and fleas. Our formulation is also free of D.E.E.T (commonly found in synthetic repellents) that is very harmful for health and skin. Our Natural Insect Repelling Body Lotion also works well against minor wounds and rashes, and can be used as a body lotion (is safe to use on your face) due to its nutrient-rich cold pressed oils and nourishing butters.


Recommended For: Kids (1 year and above) and adults.

Gently massage on exposed areas as a body lotion. Reapply after 2 hours if required.




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