under eye repair oil

Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir (15ml)

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It looks like twilight in a bottle, a deliciously rich, orange-gold liquid derived from the pulp of Seabuckthorn, our Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir is one of the few under eye treatments without any chemicals. This nourishing cocktail of cold pressed oil of Tamanu and essential oil of Myrrh accelerates the growth of healthy new tissue, smoothening of wrinkles, permeating through all three layers of the skin thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines. With the additional benefit of Lavender essential oil (another of our favourites), it is the go-to formulation for our nightly ritual. Having said this, we are going to be entirely honest here, there is absolutely no ingredient that can magically airbrush your dark circles. No, none. Dark circles are a result of a lot of factors like, genetics, lifestyle and diet. So if you find that there’s something that’s making them disappear, keeping all things constant, then our guess is, there may be a bleaching agent hidden in the (*). However, with continued use, you will notice that the Lavender essential oil in our Elixir helps you destress and assists in sleep, which indirectly works on your dark circles. That, in short, is how our formulation will gently aid you towards a healthy skin.


Recommended For: All skin types and ages.

Take one drop of the Elixir and gently dab and massage under and over the eyes, up to the brow line. While following our 5 step OC Ritual, use this as step 4.




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