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If you can spare only two minutes after a shower or before bedtime, then we think you will love this combination. Our Hand + Body lotions are made of hydrating cold pressed oils, raw butters and therapeutic essential oils. And our lip butters, did you ask? They are entirely natural and devoid of synthetic colour, essence or flavouring and are made of ethically harvested Beeswax and unrefined Cocoa and Shea butters, which helps repair your lips from within, without letting them fall into recurring dry spells like petroleum based alternatives do.


All you need to do is take those two minutes out. Post shower, before bedtime, whatever works for you. Don’t forget to apply some under your ear lobes. A quick tip – your palms tends to absorb the therapeutic oils better and quicker. So go on, place your palms on your face, and take a deep breath in. Try it, it will do wonders. And for the lip butter, massage a little on your lips whenever they feel dry. Every once in a while, use it as an overnight lip mask for deep nourishment.


Perhaps you could even gift this as a little thank you, to your friend. A self-care ritual that will help them find their two minutes of “me” time.

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