Body hydrating lotion

Deeply Hydrating Lotion for Eczema Prone Skin (130ml)


It’s an uphill battle, sometimes harder than other days. But dealing with eczema doesn’t have to be a continuous one. We have reverted to a traditional blend of essential oils of Chaulmoogra, German Chamomile, Tea Tree and Lavender, secure in the knowledge that this time-tested blend has provided relief in the most severe of cases. Combined with Cold Pressed oils of Evening Primrose, Extra Virgin Coconut, Jojoba, this lotion is soothing and nourishing for skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties. Typically in treating eczema, we address it with a simple, three step process – that of soothing, healing and nourishing. Our blend of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic, Primrose oil, which soothes and gradually heals the skin; the antimicrobial Chaulmoogra oil, which helps speed up the healing process; and Carrot Seed Essential Oil, which stimulates the growth of new tissue – gently ushers you towards healthy skin. As you ease into regular use of our lotion, we would suggest avoid using surfactant-based washes and instead opt for a simple, homemade ubtan comprising of gramflour and oats. You can also switch to oil cleansing for the whole body with a good grade of virgin coconut oil. The transition is slow, and oftentimes disheartening. But hang in there, good things take time, and so does this. In the meanwhile, eat well, get enough rest, destress and decompress. You have got this.


Recommended For: Severely dry itchy skin, and those diagnosed with eczema or psoriasis, including kids above 1.5 years of age.

Apply on affected areas, after cleansing your skin with a natural cleanser. To be used twice a day on affected areas or whole body as a body lotion. To improve the absorption of healing essential oils, wrap yourself with a warm cloth or soft cotton blanket for 20 to 90 minutes post application.  




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