Natural hair conditioning oil

Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil (130ml)

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Most people we know follow an extensive skin care ritual but hair care is mostly a hurriedly put together routine. We understand why – sometimes there’s only a quick 20 minute window from out of the shower to out of the door. So if this holds true for you too, then our Deeply Conditioning Hair Spa Oil is where you could start. With a therapeutic blend of cold pressed Coconut, Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Castor and Sweet Almond, all high in Vitamin E, this oil is equal parts nourishing and relaxing. It comes fortified with multiple benefits – of Rosemary oil, which is known for hair regrowth and reducing dandruff, Peppermint oil, which stimulates the follicles of hair, promoting blood circulation and boosting hair growth; the antibacterial properties of Cedar Wood oil that soothes itchy, flaking scalp, slowing hair loss and alopecia and Castor oil, which delays greying of hair by helping retain its pigment. Our oil works on your hair issues on a root level, provides nutrition to hair follicles while restoring damaged hair back to health. All you need is five minutes before your bed time. Did we add, it’s luscious fragrance transports you directly to a luxurious spa?


Recommended For: Dry and damaged hair.

Massage the oil on to your scalp, and use a wide toothed comb to spread it evenly. Cover with a damp lukewarm cloth or towel for 20 to 90 minutes to improve absorption of essential oils. Leave it overnight or lesser. Use a sulphate-free hair wash to rinse.




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