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Calming and Balancing Body Lotion for Kids (130ml)

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A perfect addition to your kids’ bedtime stories. Our Calming and Balancing Body Lotion for Kids is a specially crafted formulation made from Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Vetiver oils. It pairs their healing and calming qualities to create a gentle and mild blend. A very gentle and nourishing lotion, it nourishes your child’s skin, helps improve focus and calms their ever-racing, restless mind, and assists in their sleep. Regular use will help maintain a healthy balance of nutritious oils and butters on their delicate skin, allowing their skin to breathe and grow naturally.


Recommended For: Kids (1 year and above), best used at night.

Take required amount of lotion and gently massage on to your child’s skin. Remember to rub some under their ear lobes, on their neck, palms and soles, as essential oils permeate better where we have more lymph nodes or sweat glands. And cover with a warm cloth or blanket post application.




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