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Body Love Trio

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We have said this before, and we will say it again. Self care is beautiful. Though, it’s not always an easy thing to choose, we admit. The lives we lead, and times we live in, often has us swapping “me” time for “more” time. Maybe it’s time to reset this. How about a little pick-me-up ritual to seal the deal? Our Body Love Trio is the little nudge you need, to indulge, nourish, and heal. Not just outwardly. But from within.


Our formulations are made from hydrating cold pressed oils and therapeutic essential oils that nourish your skin. We use a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils that toil away in the background – to heal not just your skin, but also works holistically by reducing stress and creating a sense of calm.


Our Body Love Trio has Nourishing and Relaxing Massage Oil, Ultra Healing Foot Crème and your choice Hand + Body lotion.


Best used before bedtime, start with our Hand + Body lotion. Don’t forget to apply some under your ear lobes. Then massage your feet with Ultra Healing Foot Crème. Follow it up with our Nourishing Massage Oil lightly on your hands and legs, and you can call it a night, to what we think will be a relaxing and restful one.


Makes for a good gift too, we think. Don’t you agree?

Hand + Body Lotion




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