We are creatures of habit

This is something we observe in ourselves, our little ones and our pets. No one really likes change and it’s so nice to vegetate. But have you observed that for some reason, people with more authority are always trying to change those they apparently control, under the garb of ‘good habits’? Like a parent to a child, a boss to an employee, a guru to a disciple.


You would also observe that sometimes it’s the other way round. Like the coming of a child changes habits in an unsuspecting parent and they start sleeping earlier, they watch less junk on tv. So we are being taught ‘good habits’ from all ends.

Two questions need to be asked. How do I know what is a good habit for me? And how do I ensure I make a good habit stick?

This is stuff you go to life coaches for. And we only understand skincare. But very often in life we’ve found deep insights in skincare. So let us give you our take on these questions.

A good habit is one that helps you evolve to a better, happier, kinder and more confident person. It takes you closer to your original state of being, your authentic self.

A good habit is often tougher to adopt when you are just starting. But they have valuable side effects. Just as we say to our busy friends, nurture a habit that nurtures you back. Make a ritual in the morning and one at bed time. Make it 5 minutes or 10. A daily ritual of self care brings you joy. When you experience joy for 5 minutes everyday, it reflects on your emotional health and ultimately your physical health.

Now that you’ve picked the list of good habits for yourself, the next question is pretty easy trust us. To make a good habit permanent, some say it takes 21 consecutive days, some say it’s 42. And we agree a good habit takes about that long, 6 weeks to be safe. But if it is a skin care ritual that you have chosen to adopt, we will humbly let you know that with our formulations it wont take that long. Our research says it takes 7 days to fall in habit (or love) with Oleum Cottage.


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