How to deal with dark circles?


For the rather tiny area that our eyes take up, it’s rather overwhelming the number of problems they seem to throw at us. The most common that we have seen are puffy bags under the eyes, dark circles around the eyes, and wrinkles at the outer edges of the eyes, also known as crow’s feet.

Now, we are confident you have already heard of and probably tried a few home remedies that everyone says works, like used green tea bags, cucumber slices and cotton pads soaked in rose water. We presume if you are still reading this, you’re still looking for a solution to this persistent problem area, and please know that you’re not alone.

Let us introduce our Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir, a multi-tasking formulation for all your under-eye problems.

Who does it work for?

This Elixir is a formulation that we’ve seen working wonders on under eye issues for all age and gender groups. The skin under the eyes is delicate, and tends to witness the first signs of ageing as the natural metabolism of skin cells and collagen production slows down. When we say ‘ageing’, we do not only refer to the number of years, but how much you have really been through. You know mental load isn’t something we are able to measure in clear terms yet, but one of its most common symptoms is seen around the eyes, often accompanied with a poor sleep pattern.

Even if you are not suffering with chronic stress, it could just be your circumstances that are not letting you rest enough. We’ve all been there. Exams, late parties, work deadlines, new babies, new pets, whatever it is that is making you see that new puffiness under your eyes, you know it’s time you took care.

And if you’re the person (don’t we all have one of them in our circles?) who just doesn’t need any skincare advice as she finds it plain superficial, the more reason you read this. Neither dark circles nor our Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir, works at the skin level. The former is a sign from your body telling you to slow down and repair, the latter helps you in the process of healing.

How it works

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again that we don’t believe in quick fixes. Articles that point you towards dermatological procedures, or at least the retinol treatments are many. But we ask you to let us explain how this nine-member team of do-gooders, all untouched and raw, straight from their respective plant source, blended in a very gentle formulation, works on your most delicate skin. We have declared Tamanu and Lavender the captains of this team as they seem to hold it all together. However here is what you must know about each hero ingredient in this formulation:

Tamanu Oil or ‘Green Gold’, helps in regenerating tissue, and is a home remedy (in Indonesia) for soothing itchy and inflamed eyes

Seabuckthorn Oil, rich in anti oxidants, helps to keep the delicate skin around the eyes healthy

Sweet Almond Oil, powerful in its Vitamin E content, protects skin from UV and other environmental damage

Rice Bran Oil, though lesser known, is a wonderful anti-ageing ingredient. Reason why in Japan being called a rice bran beauty is such a compliment. 

German Chamomile’s azulene content endows this essential oil with a rich blue tone and its ability to nourish and restore a healthy defence system, all so gently with no side effects.

Eucalyptus essential oil, due to its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties reduces fluid retention in the eye area, therefore reducing the puffiness under eyes

Rosewood, with its warm and woodsy fragrance, dispels anxiety and provides emotional strength and balance.

Lemon essential oil, packed with vitamins C & B, magnesium and phosphorus, lightens and renews the cells under eyes to reduce discolouration.

Myrhh from ancient civilisations, has been used for treating wrinkles and cracked skin, as it promotes growth of healthy new tissue (cicatrization effect).

French Lavender is very well known for its sleep inducing and relaxation properties. That is exactly its job here as well, as restful sleep and reduced stress are the best remedies for dark circles.

Method of application

While we can barely do justice to the benefits of this formulation’s ingredients in a few lines, we’ll stop ourselves here to tell you the best way to incorporate this one. An easy sitting posture with the head thrown back would be ideal. With a tiny amount of elixir and a few gentle massage moves, using the tips of your fingers, you can create a beautiful healing ritual for yourself. Start with patting the oil around your eyes. With closed eyes, and using your finger pads, gently pump the under eyes inward to outward, up to the temples. Be careful not to drag or pull the skin. Finish with lift and drain moves on your eyebrows from the centre out to the temples. Being slow and gentle is key.

If you are unable to make time for it, start with a quick application till you find a routine and method that works for you. Twice a day is what we recommend for those with visible concern.

You will be amazed at how our Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir works like magic even though it is 100% plant based. It kind of restores our faith in nature, specially since we’re surrounded by under eye products with actives. If your eyes really were the windows to your soul, give them a little time and extra love, as part of your self-care ritual, and see how beautiful they make you feel, inside and out.


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