Beauty is deep

We make skincare. So people often think we are superficial, only skin deep. And they ask us to fix them. To be more specific, the question we often face is “Will this make me look younger and better?”


We have always maintained that we shall never look at our watch when someone asks a question. Though the question may sound superficial, it comes from a space of deep insecurity, of not matching up with the standard we’ve set ourselves up for. And that takes time to address. And we take that time and we talk. We often end up telling her there is no fix she needs, and we certainly don’t, and can't fix people.

There are many definitions of beauty out there. Each to their own some would say. We do have an opinion on this and we want to share it with you. Just as we share it with those who walk into our stores and spend some time with us.

We say a big part of being beautiful is feeling beautiful. You know you see a face, you know it's attractive as hell but can't pinpoint to one winning feature. It is always the inner confidence. And if the answer to the question of looking ‘better’ is to start building confidence, we say it has to be an inward process.

Covering a blemish with a concealer may provide short term confidence. But very often it comes with a self-conscious smile. On the other hand, the glow that comes from saying “I am beautiful” to yourself in the mirror lasts way longer.


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