Are you sensitive?

In our family conversations, we often come across this term as a casual personality type. Like my mother believes my father is too sensitive, takes casual remarks to heart and remembers them longer than necessary.


While going through the set of questions we ask those who walk into our store to help them understand their unique skin type, we hear ‘sensitive’ quite often from our customers. This though is a skin type, and an increasingly common one at that.

We won’t deny there could be certain linkages between skin type and personality. In fact, in a survey conducted by Beiersdorf, they did ascertain the linkage between biography and personality. And what they found is interesting food for thought. People whose skin type was sensitive and prone to irritation, have a zest to enjoy life and to take on social responsibility. Does that sound like you?

Well, for the several layers in the meaning of this word, when it comes to skin type, it often boils down to just one layer. The top layer or epidermis. If this is thinner than usual, it leads to a slightly compromised ability of the skin to deal with environmental stimuli.

Some times it is just how you have turned out. You may find your answers in karmic or genetic theories. And other times it is caused by inadvertent side effects of certain actions taken on the skin. Chemically abrasive procedures, over exfoliation, prolonged use of harsh chemicals, can lead to the top layer of skin thinning, resulting in skin that is sensitized.

Now we don’t believe in dwelling much in the past. So even if you have not found a satisfying reason for your skin being sensitive, the one thing we can assure you of, is you don’t have to suffer for it.

We have formulations and rituals built specifically for sensitive skin, because we’ve been there and we feel for them. It’s hard when you can’t slot yourself into an easy type – dry, oily or combination. With the right kind of attention though, your skin will glow and on ‘Choose your skin concern’ you will be ticking ‘None of the above’.


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